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If you can put a CD in the CD-ROM drive and handle a couple of clicks, you will have the software installed in just a few minutes. Good for your checking account, bad for ours. If you find that you need help, your personal Service Analyst Team is ready and waiting.
Getting Started
Your Personal Service Analyst Team will be with you every step of the way to ensure that your expectations are met. The ISS Quick Start Wizard walks you through the information needed in order to start using the software. The wizard explains what has to be done and what is optional. As if that isn't enough, it also comes with templates. After everything has been set up, you can go back and "tweak" things.

Up front, a majority of our users take advantage of the 60 days of free telephone support in order to get familiar with ISS. This is all of the training a vast majority of our users need; however, training is available for those that prefer "face-to-face" instruction. We can Train you here at ISS or we can come to you. Either way you will get training that is specifically tailored to meet your individual company's needs. We also offer Internet-based training sessions.
Service and Support.
ISS corporate headquarters has the best certified and qualified team. Our staff is always up-to-date. When you contact us, you'll find that we're always here. Our service analyst staff does nothing but support. ISS support is as close as your Telephone, E-mail, Fax, Internet, UPS, FedEx, US-Mail.
Getting Started
Service and Support





ISS includes a free support time period (the clock doesn't start ticking 'til you start clicking) to get you up and running. The ISS Quick Start Wizard guides you through the initial setup of your company's data.

Platinum Service is our premier service that will insure you will always receive the fastest response to your questions and the absolute lowest prices on products and training. With Platinum Service you can be assured that your construction management investment is maximized and protected!

ersonal Services Analyst Team

No going through a Response Center that routes your call to who knows where or determines the importance
of your call or bounces you around from one mysterious voice to another.

Your Personal Service Team is made up of two ISS Certified Analysts. A personal relationship is built. Your
team members get to know and get to understand your business. You won't have to be bothered with
"re-introducing" yourself every time you call.

ower Prices

Receive generous discounts on all new products, new releases, face-to-face training, web-based training and all services.

dditional Discounts for Continuous Service

Earn additional discounts based on the number of consecutive years of subscribing to User Services (good for product purchases, seminars and training).

  • 2 - 3 consecutive years 25%
  • 4 - 5 consecutive years 40%
  • 6 plus 50%

  • oll-free 800 Phone Lines Direct to Your Service Team

    Unlimited telephone consultation with your Service Team. As a Platinum Service Subscriber, you won’t run out
    of service time because there is NO TIME LIMIT on the amount of service you use.

    nternet Software Support

    Our web-based software support capability allows you and your Service Analyst to see the same thing at the same time and, upon an invitation from you, allow the Service Analyst access to your ISS software, if needed.

    on-business Hours Service

    Telephone consultation and training. This service is available by appointment.

    ser Service Web

    Free download of updates and enhancements.
    Find solutions to errors and answers to commonly asked questions.

    aximize Your Service Investment

    Get free software for your Accountant.
    Receive e-mail notification of updates, new products and services.

    Take advantage of our Data Review  Recommended that you check out this link.

    This service is provided on a per call basis with a 10 minute minimum charge and 24-hour response time. Updates and enhancements are extra.

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