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Product - ISS Construction Manager is our fully integrated accounting/job management package with support for multiple companies and divisions (departments). ISS Construction Manager can be run on a single computer or in a network environment.

ISS Construction Manager Version 6 is based on the SQL Server Platform (not required). This release includes the new Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE) which is a scaled-down version of SQL Server designed for a single user computer or network with an average of 5 or less simultaneous users. For people who need a stable heavy duty, networking configuration, this provides a seamless migration path to SQL Server because ISS Construction manager will run under SQL Server with no modifications required.

Basic System

All your banking needs in one place Banking

    Handle all of your payable requirements with ease Accounts Payable

          Keep track of who owes you money and when it is due Accounts Receivable

ISS gives you a better way to handle your finances General Ledger

    Always have critical job cost information at your fingertips Job Management

          Manage you subcontractors effectively Subcontractor Management

ISS-software - Optional Modules:
Choose any or all of our optional modules to customize the ISS Construction Manager software to fit your needs.

Optional Modules

Manage sales leads from the first contact to the signing of the contract Contact Management

    Keep all important documents at your fingertips Document Management

    Know where all of your materials are and how much you have on hand Inventory Management

Comprehensive payroll management including multi-state withholding calculations and government reporting Payroll

    Never print payroll checks again PR Direct Deposit

    Make sure you never overpay for materials Purchasing

Schedule your jobs and manage your job tasks effectively Scheduling

    Enjoy the ability to bill jobs on a time and material basis Time & Material Billing

    Manage and track all of your warranty work Warranty Management

ISS-software - Investment
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Know the difference! Investment/PricingInvestment

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